Wheel Wiz, Mobile Alloy Wheel Repair, Wheel Straightening, and Interior Odor Removal -  Sarasota - Tampa, Florida

Wheel Wiz specializes in alloy wheel repair in the Sarasota and Tampa areas of Florida. Operating from fully equipped vans, work is performed on site, allowing repairs to be made quickly and efficiently, reducing vehicle down time and keeping cost to a minimum. The Wheel Wiz originated this method in 2001 and we constantly improve and update our process as manufacturers change their styles and surface applications. Our unique process restores curbed, scraped, bent, and scuffed rims back to their original appearance at a fraction of the cost of replacement while adding significantly to the vehicles value and sale ability.

Have you been told that your wheels are bent or cracked, requiring you to replace your rims? Thanks to a new technology, we can now straighten and mend your wheels for a fraction of the cost, making them look brand new again. Be sure to check out our Wheel Straightening page for more information with Before and After pictures.

Are your brake calipers rusty, discolored, or do they need a color change? We can help. Our vans carry Brake “Wiz” Coat in black, silver, and red. Custom colors may also be ordered to meet your personal specifications.

Rims need a color change? We also carry several colors of Wheel “Wiz” Coat, and custom colors can also be specifically ordered. The vehicles appearance can be changed quickly and inexpensively. We can also perform chrome to alloy rim transformations by sand-blasting, stripping, then painting the rims - making them look brand new.

When plastic or polycarbonate light lenses become foggy or discolored, our special BRITE-NITE restoration process will restore headlamps to their former brilliance, making for safer night driving and a far more attractive automobile appearance.

Does your vehicle have an odd interior odor that you just can’t seem to get rid of? Smoke, mold, food, and animal odors can make driving unpleasant - but thanks to our new interior sanitization process, we can solve the problem. Check out our new Interior Sanitizing page for more information.

Our Wheel Wiz Technicians are fully trained and will do their very best to make our customers happy and their vehicles more attractive.

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